Welcome to Climate Forest

A project for sustainable and ecological tree planting in the urban environment that generates a real change in improving quality of life in cities and towns in Israel.

Trees are among the greatest treasures nature has to offer. Their contribution to our existence here is  far greater than many of the actions we take- they help fight climate change and global warming, improve our quality of life as well as our physical and emotional health. We are dedicated to promoting this important goal. Now it’s your turn.

Climate Forest in Numbers


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Towns and cities 


Residents and volunteers 

Businesses working on behalf of the climate

By contributing to the planting of trees in Israel’s towns and cities, many businesses create a significant impact on the environment and community, leaving living and thriving testimony for next generations.

Plant easily, quickly and responsibly

The Climate Forest project enables partners to plant trees easily and quickly. Our responsibility for the trees does not end after they are planted and through very special partnerships, we make sure that the local authorities and community are involved in their long-term care. This way, we can be sure that the potential of each tree is realized to the greatest extent and over time.


We promise to plant the right trees in the right places to realize the potential of each and every tree


We are focused on planting in cities, with an emphasis on abandoned public spaces


We involve a broad range of groups and communities


We provide value for our business partners in the connection to the community

Our partners in the growth of Climate Forest

The environment is our client, but you are our partners. Whether you are a business, an organization or local authority, a group or an individual – we need you. We invite each and every one of you to contact us and, together, we will transform Israel’s cities and towns, making them greener and healthier.


A tree in the forest​

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Planting for companies & organizations

About us

The Climate Forest project is a branch of the Good Energy Initiative (NPO) – a climate changing social enterprise which has been operating since 2006 and registered as an non-profit organisation since 2008.We develops unique and innovative projects for the implementation of technologies and environmental performance while achieving social gains.

See the forest for the trees

The Climate Forest is planting all year round, inviting you to join us and leave a green impact on the environment, the community, and the next generations.
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