Businesses on behalf of the climate

The name of the game:  making a positive impact

The name of the game: making a positive impact

In today’s world, businesses are not only expected to minimize their negative impact on society and the environment, but to maximize their positive impact. Interested stakeholders such as customers, investors, suppliers, employees, regulationthe media and others follow the company’s activity to decide whether to promote it and collaborate with it or to develop a negative view of it, which is an actual concern to the company and its operations. 

Companies that commit to environmental work and social involvement demonstrate to those around them the right way to work and to create shared value – for them, the their stakeholders and the world, and how to succeed without harming natural resources and the environment, but through true concern for them, for all of us and for the next generations.

Participation in Climate Forest – is tailored to your needs and provides value over time

Companies that take part in the Climate Forest are responding to expectations of their stakeholders and creating a positive impact on the environment and community over time.

Another important advantage of joining the project is the significant flexibility it offers and the ability to tailor the contribution to the needs of the organization, be it financial support for establishment of a forest, participation in a planting day, establishment of a “nursery” at the organization, or in any other manner – you decide, and we will customize your involvement.

Ready to plant some trees?

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